The Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine

For Those Who Dare To Dream of Great Espresso

For espresso fanatics who love an elegant looking espresso machine almost as much as an espresso shot with perfect crema, the Ascaso Dream line of machines is worth a look. These machines are available in many different colors from shiny silver to "kid blue" to red to yellow. Whichever color you choose will surely stand out in your kitchen and the attention grabbing shape and temperature gage display will pique your guest's curiosity.

Ascaso Dream Espresso Machine It should be noted that some users find this gage to be nothing more than eye candy as it does not give an entirely accurate temperature reading. However, for the purpose of aesthetics and not brewing to the perfect temperature, the gage is gorgeous. Also, it is a convenient, compact size so it should fit nicely into your kitchen schematic rather than consuming the entire countertop.

The Ascaso Dream espresso machine is manufactured in Spain and is hand assembled to ensure high quality. It runs with a powerful 16 bar pump and three industrial strength toggle switches that make a satisfying "click" and "clack" sound when you press them. It has two brass filter holders so that you can use either espresso pods or ground coffee to brew your caffeine fix.

When you want to steam milk for cappuccinos or lattes the Ascaso Dream features a steam wand with a frothing tip to help you make the froth very easily even if you don't have any prior experience in frothing. A lot of stem wands with a frothing tip make the foam bubbles too large and make it very difficult if not impossible to make a proper microfoam. However, with Ascaso Dream's steam wand you can make, with a bit of practice, a really nicely textured froth - good enough for pouring latte art.

Aside from the sleek, compact looks of the machine, the feature that consumers who bought an Ascaso Dream machine most satisfied with were the quality of espresso shots that it produces. Some compared its efforts to genuine Italian espresso with excellent crema and good body. Most users were happy with the steam wand and the results they could get to make perfect milk for their lattes and cappuccinos. Many Dream machine owners found it easy to use and solidly built.

The Dream Machine has a few quirks that may or may not detract from the overall experience. The top of the machine has a built-in cup warmer, but most users claim that it does not work very well and takes nearly an hour to even begin warming the cups. A few people commented that the machine drips a little more than usual after use, but that the drip tray had a large enough capacity to hold the liquid just fine.

One features that the Dream lacks is the solenoid valve which compresses the used coffee grinds. Instead of knocking a dried, compacted puck out of your portafilter you may end up with a drippy mess and need to rinse out the holder after you are done brewing. Fortunately, a little clean-up never killed anyone and most users consider the extra effort worthwhile for the high quality espresso shots that this machine can brew.

Overall, the Ascaso Dream espresso machine has a few components that sometimes frustrate its users, but most of them think that the good looks and great espresso are worth the hassle. At regular price the Dream machine costs about $800, but if you shop around carefully you may be able to find a good deal.

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