Best Coffee: From My Wife

by David
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Coffee, considered to be the number one beverage, at least in some parts of the world, has been prepared in various ways, using a wide array of coffee beans and coffee preparation methods - all that in order to suit the differing and also constantly changing tastes of individuals from across the globe.

For my part, the best cup of coffee I ever had is not from any specialty coffee shop or from any prestigious and luxurious hotel. It is actually located right here, at the comfort of my own home: the cup of coffee prepared especially for me by my wife. I often wonder myself how my wife could ever outdo the many professional coffee brewers and specialty coffee shops across the metropolis, and I have tasted their coffee, but none can compare, much less surpass the coffee that my loving wife prepares for me.

What is even more surprising is that she makes the coffee, not by grinding coffee beans and brewing them from coffee makers, but by simply using ready made instant coffee powder. It's a good thing she shared to me her ‘secret' on how to make that delectable cup of coffee.

First, you get a regular sized coffee mug (about 8 oz. capacity) then fill it with a rounded teaspoon of the regular instant coffee powder. Then you add 2 cubes of sugar, and a flat teaspoon of your favorite coffee creamer. You then combine the 3 ingredients together to form a well mixed powder aggregate. After this, you need to pour about half an ounce of boiling water to the mixture, stirring it to blend a pasty solution for about a minute, to sort of brew the mixture first. Then you pour the rest of the boiling water to the solution while stirring it to uniform consistency.

And here you are - you now have the best home-made cup of coffee in the world! When you start sipping your coffee you can taste the full-bodied flavor of rich coffee rolling through your tongue, and the luscious aroma passing through your nostrils. As you enjoy your coffee, you can feel the rejuvenating and rousing effect of the caffeine entering your system, and this is how to enjoy your best cup of coffee.

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Aug 05, 2010
You must really love your wife!
by: Anonymous

Wow. Instant coffee as the best cup of coffee you have ever drunk? You must really love your wife. She is a lucky woman.

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