Bialetti Musa

by William M

Coffee is the greatest part of any morning and fresh, hot espresso is what I enjoy most. The best espresso maker I ever used was a stainless steel stovetop Italian model. This was the Bialetti Musa stovetop espresso maker. As far as being easy and fun to use this one is excellent in my opinion.

I was living aboard my sailboat at the time, cooking on a gas stove. I had tried some of the other espresso makers made of aluminum but these coffee makers were not as much fun to use and I was not nearly as enthusiastic about the way they worked.

I even tried some of the high end, exotic espresso machines my employers bought, but the absolutely best, hands down, was the simple 3 piece stovetop stainless steel Bialetti Musa 4-cup espresso pot. Easy to use, no muss, no fuss.

You took it apart, put the water in the bottom of the pot, then topped that with a coffee holder and filled it with coffee, (my favorite was Santo Domingo Cafe Molido). Yummy!

I then would just screw on the empty top part of my Bialetti espresso maker and that was pretty much all that I needed to do. A rubber gasket insured there would be no leaks between the upper and lower compartments.

All that was left was for me to place it on the stove, light the burner, and in one or two minutes, the pot would make a little gurgling sound to let me know that my coffee was being brewed to perfection. The next sounds would be some hissing as the liquid got closer to the final stages. These sounds would happen as the water was forced upward by the heat from the burner. The water would move through the coffee strainer and into the top compartment.

Then a delightful and exquisite aroma would fill the air and my classic espresso was now ready for me to pour and enjoy. Many of my mornings were spent in the cockpit of my sailboat, with my coffee mug and my Bialetti espresso pot, as I watched the sun rise over the Caribbean waters. Neighbors in the harbor often said they could tell the time of morning by the smell of fresh espresso that wafted through the air.

Bialetti Musa stovetop espresso makerEditor's note

Stovetop espresso makers are excellent for making strong, Italian-style coffee. While the traditional espresso pots are made from aluminum, some people prefer the stainless steel stovetop espresso makers. They are much easier to maintain, you can put them in a dishwasher and you do not need to worry about corrosion.

Bialetti makes a number of different stainless steel espresso makers, some of the popular models being Bialetti Class, Bialetti Venus and Bialetti Musa.

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