Black and Decker Burr Coffee Grinder CBM210 Stainless Steel

by Lisa

The Black and Decker coffee grinder I use every day is one of the best additions to my kitchen. Before purchasing this model, I used a smaller grinder that required three or four grinds before one pot of coffee could be brewed. Black and Decker created this model with enough space in the bean compartment for enough beans to brew a 12-cup pot of coffee. You only need to pulse a few times and you are ready for the morning grind.

In addition to the large grinder cup, changing the grind setting from coarse to fine is simple. There is a setting knob on the side of the unit that is easy to turn. Finer grinds take longer to complete than coarse grinds. The grinder cup pulls out and can be washed up in the dishwasher. There is no way to clean out the inner chamber where the beans are ground, so I turn the unit over and blow it out with some canned air.

While I love my Black and Decker grinder, there are a few design flaws that I wish would be changed. The button to start the grind needs to be held in by hand the entire time. If this button could be turned on and off, that would make the grinder even more perfect. The fine grind setting is also a bit more coarse than I would like. I brew espresso every morning at the same time I brew my coffee and this grinder does not grind fine enough to pack tightly into the espresso cup.

Fresh ground coffee is easy with the Black and Decker coffee grinder. It tends to be a little loud so grinding at night and storing the coffee in an air tight container until morning may be the best option if coffee is brewed at the crack of dawn.

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Aug 01, 2011
Nuisance or Safety Feature?
by: Anonymous

In my opinion, having to press "ON" for duration of grinding is no big deal and in fact is a safety feature.

Aug 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Why do the coffee beans go everywhere when grinding. It doesnt seem to seal.

Dec 19, 2014
fix coffee grinder NEW
by: don desjardins

for finer ground coffee remove upper grind ring assembly and dissamble (2 screws). remove metal grind ring. make gasket from thin cardboard (buisness card) and place between wheel and plastic retainer. B&D grinder cbm210.

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