Bodum French Press

What is so special about Bodum? Well, for many people buying their first Bodum coffee press turns out to be a turning point that transforms their coffee drinking experience. You can read how Bodum french press can change one's lifestyle on

Bodum is a family owned business. It was founded in 1944 in Denmark. The head office is located in Switzerland. Today Bodum is well known for its collection of beautifully designed everyday life products. With it's motto "give up bad design for good", the company aims to provide an attractive and functional design at an affordable price. Bodum French Press

Coffee and tea making products were the main focus of the company ever since the 1950's. The first Bodum french press named Bistro was introduced in 1974. Today Bodum offers a wide range of different french press models. I will list some of the most popular ones below.

Bodum Chambord

As you probably know, this is the timeless classic design. The Chambord was originally produces by a small factory in Normandy, France. Bodum took over this factory in 1982 and made this elegantly designed french press affordable to many coffee lovers worldwide. This is a very popular french press and it comes in many different versions.

First there is the traditional Bodum Chambord with glass beaker and chrome-plated brass frame. Then you have red Chambord with it's stunning looks. The most expensive, state-of-the-art version, features a double wall glass beaker which gives good thermal isolation. If you don't like the idea of glass beaker, there is also a plastic shatterproof version and even a stainless steel model - Chambord Hotel.

Bodum Brazil

If you are after a simple design that has a bit more masculine feeling to it then Bodum Brazil may be just right - and it's one of the cheaper models too! It was designed in the early 80's and it has been popular ever since. It comes in several differnet sizes and in many different colors. There is also a shatterproof version.

Stainless Steel Models

Bodum Stainless Steel French Press

The most popular stainless steel press from Bodum is Columbia with its elegant and beautiful design. In fact, most people purchasing a stainless steel coffee press choose either Bodum Columbia of the Frieling french press. One slight drawback of Columbia is that some of the internal parts are made of plastic (the inner layer of the lid and some parts of the plunger). It would have been better if it's all steel just like the Frieling pot. Having said that, Columbia has got excellent customer reviews.

But Columbia is not the only stainless steel press that Bodum has to offer. You can also have a look at Bodum Presso, Bodum Arabica and Bodum Chambord Hotel.


Bodum offers many other french coffee pots. I mention just a few of them briefly. First we have Bodum Young with its cool modern design in black with red accents. Then there is Bodum Shin Bistro, simple and elegant, but maybe a bit easier to break since the bottom of the beaker is not protected by any frame. You may also want to have a look at Bodum Kenya or the eye-catching Bodum Eileen.

If you like to travel, you may be interested in getting a travel french press. Bodum has many different models, some from stainless steel, others from plastic. In general, the stainless steel travel pots tend to have better customer reviews.

As we have seen, Bodum coffee presses are very popular and they comes in many different models. The customer reviews, in general, are very good and replacement parts are easily available, so you can buy a new beaker or a filter mesh if you need to. There is a lot of things going for owning a Bodum french press.

A note about french press sizes
Most of the models come in different sizes ranging from 3 to 12 cups. But I have to warn you about this: the size for a french press is usually given in number of small 4oz cups. Now - when you say a "cup" most people imagine something like 8oz or bigger. Bear this in mind when selecting the size.

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