BonJour French Press

If I had to pick one thing that that sets BonJour coffee press apart from all the other French presses it would have to be the BonJour Flavor Lock system. The plunger of the BonJour French press works in a unique way: as you press the plunger down it actually closes the filter so that it effectively seals off the coffee grounds away from the coffee. Yes, it stops the brewing process so your coffee will not get over-extracted even if you leave it standing in the press for a long time. Amazing!

Well, it should not really come as a surprise - BonJour has been a very innovative company ever since they started making French presses in 1995. There are many different BonJour French presses. Below are some of the most popular ones.

Glass models

BonJour Hugo
Simple and functional design either in black or in white. Actually it is supposed to come also in green and blue - but I have never seen those. It's very affordable. What I like about it is the lid that has a filter which removes the sediment from the brewed coffee as you pour it into your mug. If you are a clumsy or if you want to use it while traveling, you can have an unbreakable polycarbonate carafe instead of the traditional glass.

BonJour Maximus
This is a classic elegant design. It comes in 5 different colors: copper, polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, graphite and candy apple red. I personally find the graphite finish very attractive. Maximus has BonJour Flavor Lock system and also an additional filter in lid - so no sediment in your coffee!

BonJour Monet
Again this is very classic and elegant design. It's quite similar to Maximus. It does not have the BonJour Flavor Lock system, but it is cheaper than Maximus.

Porcelain models

BonJour Maurice
This is a double walled porcelain - so it does keep your coffee hot. It comes either in matte black, gloss white or gloss red. It only comes as a 4 cup size (4 4oz cups - see the warning about the sizes at the end of this page).

Stainless steel models

BonJour Montano
I think this is the coolest French press around. Very original. It will most certainly attract comments from your friends. You can also get matching sugar and creamer set. If you are into contemporary design then you are very likely to like Montano. It is double wall insulated stainless steel and it has the BonJour Flavor Lock. So it will keep your coffee hot without over-extracting it. Perfect.

BonJour Fiore
This is a more traditional design. I find this design just right for serving coffee to accompany some nice Italian cakes like Panettone. Fiore has the BonJour Flavor Lock system and also the additional filter in the lid. Just like Montano it's made of double wall insulated stainless steel

A note about French press sizes
Most of the models come in different sizes ranging from 3 to 12 cups. But I have to warn you about this: the size for a French press is usually given in number of small 4oz cups. Now - when you say a "cup" most people imagine something like 8oz or bigger. Bear this in mind when selecting the size.

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