Braun Tassimo Coffee Maker

by Robert
(New York )

There is nothing like a great cup of coffee first thing in the morning and I like it best when it comes from the Braun Tassimo coffee maker. One of the main reasons that I like this particular Braun coffee machine is because it gives me a choice of coffee. I don’t always want straight percolated or filter coffee, sometimes I prefer a creamy Latte and the Braun Tassimo coffee maker gives me this choice.

The Tassimo coffee maker is a stylish, clean cut machine that looks great on my kitchen counter and fits in with the décor. One thing I really like about this is that it has a Britta water filter, which not only reduces the wear on the machine but actually produces better tasting coffee. The Braun Tassimo coffee maker has a stainless steel thermal carafe and is one of the fastest brewing coffee machines I’ve ever had. The great thing about the Tassimo is that if there is ever a problem you just have to check the various components to see whether the water is dripping or something similar. I’ve never had a complicated problem with my machine but just phone their customer service line if you do.

The Tassimo is a single cup coffee maker, which means you’re not brewing up more than you want and so it saves on energy. All I have to do for a great cup of coffee is to put one cup of water into the reservoir, then I decide which flavor coffee pod I want and put it into the coffee chamber. Once I’ve filled the reservoir and put the coffee in I just have to put the cup underneath the coffee chamber, push the button and just wait for my cup to fill with coffee, great!

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