Braun Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker KF600

by Brian
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

There's a lot to love about the Braun KF600 thermal carafe coffee maker. We've owned it for more than two years and it really suits our needs - making two to three large cups of coffee in the morning. The sleek black design makes it a decorative addition to our kitchen

The unit is easy to use - just fill the water reservoir (easy to view water level guide outside the coffee maker), hit the on button, and get ready for a tasty morning wake up call. Although this unit is not programmable, it does contain an automatic shutoff, a must for anyone in a hurry. If you purchase the optional Gold tone filter (about $10), you'll save money and the mess associated with cone paper filters. The filter is easy to rinse and wash.

The biggest drawbacks to the unit are its stainless steel carafe and its relatively quick shutoff. The top opening is too small for a human hand to get inside to clean. Thus, it requires a special brush to scrub off coffee and mineral deposits. And, if you leave coffee in the unit for any appreciable time, you run the risk of having the stainless steel corrode.

The shutoff timer (which is supposed to have a two hour window) turns off on our unit within about 15 minutes. However, the thermal carafe does keep the coffee warm.

Finally, the unit comes with a water filter (a small Brita filter). This seems to be overkill when one considers that most refrigerators come with water filtration systems and many other coffee drinkers use water pitcher or faucet filtration options. We removed the filter and installed the by-pass cover.

On a scale of one to five cups of coffee, this particular unit rates a solid four.

Braun Thermal Coffee Maker KF600Editor's note

This sleek-looking thermal carafe coffee maker is quite popular with many people. It has very good reviews. Most people love the elegance of this coffee maker. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot (it's best to preheat it with hot water before brewing).

A common complaint about this Braun thermal coffee maker is that the carafe is difficult to clean. It is not dishwasher safe, so you have to wash it by hand. It helps to put water with detergent in and leave it stand overnight. In the morning just rinse well it with warm water.

There is no timer on this unit. If you are after a programmable coffee maker then have a look at other recommended thermal coffee makers.

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Sep 15, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 31, 2014
Best coffee maker NEW
by: Anonymous

This was the best coffee maker I love. My mom had a stroke and has use of only one arm, and this worked great for her. Why doesn't Braun make this coffee maker anymore? For the USA
Thank you

Oct 06, 2014
Best Coffee Maker ever NEW
by: Cassio Habib

So simple, one button. I am looking all over for this coffee maker but I can't find. I guess they stop making it :(. If anybody know where to find give us a tip.

May 26, 2015
Braun KF600 carafe: how to open NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know how to remove the carafe lid? I cannot get it off, and no longer have instructions. Thank you.

Feb 11, 2016
To remove the lid NEW
by: vasylp

To remove the lid, turn the grip counterclockwise - see manual instruction pictures (a) and (b)

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