Bunn Home Coffee Maker

There are three things that set Bunn home coffee maker apart: excellent drip coffee, very fast brewing and very solid build. We will talk about what users think about Bunn coffee makers a little later. First let's have a look at what makes these coffee makers so unique.

How does a Bunn coffee maker work? Well, Bunn uses a brewing system that is quite different from other manufacturers. A system that extracts coffee at the ideal brewing temperature (200°F - most other brands don't come anywhere close to this). A system that can brew 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes.

The coffee maker has two water tanks. The lower tank is always kept at the brewing temperature. The upper reservoir is used for cold water. To make your pot of coffee you put cold water into the upper reservoir. Shutting the lid of this reservoir triggers the brewing process. The hot water from the lower water tank is used to brew your coffee. The cold water from the upper tank then goes into the lower tank and is heated up ready for your next pot of coffee.

The way water is delivered onto the coffee grounds is also unique. There is a spray-head above the filter basket that sprays the hot water onto the coffee grounds with fairly high intensity. This creates a degree of turbulence that ensures that the coffee oils are extracted evenly from all the coffee grounds.

Since standard Bunn coffee makers use water at 200°F, they should not be used at high altitudes. In high altitudes, water boils at a lower temperature. The boiling point of water at sea level is 212°F, at 5000 feet it is 203°F and at 10000 feet it is only 194°F. These numbers are only approximate - the exact temperature at which the water will boil is determined by the actual atmospheric pressure that is different every day. Now, since the coffee maker has to use water that is hot but not boiling, the brewing temperature has to be set well below the boiling point of water at the given altitude. If you live above 5000 feet then you should get Bunn coffee maker specifically designed for use in high altitudes. These coffee makers are set to use a lower temperature and have "D" in their model number.

What users think about Bunn home coffee makers

Bunn home coffee makers typically have excellent customer reviews. Let's have a look at what users like and dislike most.

What users like
Common complaints

All in all, Bunn coffee makers are certainly worth considering. They are probably one of the most durable home coffee makers around and they do make a very good drip coffee. In the next article we will talk about individual models of Bunn home coffee makers.

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