Bunn Home Coffee Makers

In a previous article we talked about how Bunn home coffee makers work and what users like and dislike about them. Here we will have a look at the most popular models.

Bunn GRX Original, Bunn BX Classic and Bunn NHBX Generation

Bunn NHBX-B Contemporary 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer These coffee makers are functionally the same - the only difference is in the way they look. While the GRX Original has only plastic housing, the BX Classic has some stainless steel accents. The Bunn NHBX Generation has a more contemporary design. They all come in either black or white and there are also special versions for use in altitudes above 5000 ft.

All these brewers use commercial grade materials and the hot water tank is made of stainless steel. The internal thermostat keeps the water at 200°F - a temperature that is ideal for brewing drip coffee. Obviously, the temperature is lower in the high altitude models. The carafe holds 10 cups of coffee (we are talking about 5oz cups here).

The coffee is brewed very fast - it is ready in three minutes. There is a warming plate that keeps the coffee hot. There are two great things about the warming plate. First, it is ceramic - so it is very easy to clean. Second, you don't actually need to use the warming plate because it has got a separate switch. So if you don't want to get your coffee burnt then you can just keep it off.

Bunn BTX ThermoFresh

Bunn BTX ThermoFresh comes with all the nice features that other Bunn home coffee maker have: 3 minutes brewing time, excellent coffee, durable build etc. The special feature of this brewer is a thermal carafe. There is no warming plate that would burn your coffee. The vacuum insulated stainless steel carafe will keep it hot for a couple of hours without ruining the flavor.

As is the case with all thermal coffee makers, some users may find handling the thermal carafe a bit difficult. But for most people, Bunn BTX ThermoFresh is a great coffee maker.

Bunn MCP My Café Pourover Pod Brewer

Bunn My Café Pourover is a single serve coffee maker - ideal for people who like to drink a lot of different coffee blends. It is more expensive than most other single serve brewers, but it has a few things that may justify the price tag:
  • It works with a range of different coffee pods (most pods between 45 and 61 mm will work well).
  • The coffee is hot.
  • You have a control over how much coffee you want to brew - anything from 4oz to 12oz.
  • The drawer into which you put the coffee pod is convenient to use (with some other single cup brewers you need to lift the top of the machine to insert the pod - so you cannot leave it under the cupboards).
  • There is a special setting for tea - and you can use regular tea bags instead of tea-pods.
  • Stainless steel boiler that holds 46oz of water.
  • It brews a cup of coffee in 30 seconds and a cup of tea in little less than a minute.
  • If you don't use the brewer for 6 hours, it goes into an energy saving mode. It then only takes about 2 minutes to heat up the water back to the brewing temperature.

Bunn My Café is great for those of us who like the convenience and flexibility of a single serve coffee maker.

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