Types of Coffee French Press

Brewing coffee in French press is becoming more and more popular. It is hardly surprising given that the coffee tastes so good. There are several different types of French press.

Glass models

Bodum ChambordGlass is the traditional material for the jug. Durable laboratory grade borosilicate glass is used to withstand the changes in temperature without breaking. This classical design is very appealing as you can watch how the coffee brews. However, there are a few safety issues you should be aware of. Some glass models are made of double walled glass. These will keep your coffee hot for longer but are more expensive. The most popular manufactures for the glass models are Bodum and BonJour. You may also want to try Norpro or LaCafetiere.

Examples: Bodum Chambord | Bodum Brazil | Bodum Young

Shatterproof plastic models

BonJour Hugo French PressMost of the shatterproof models look exactly like thier glass counterparts. The beaker, however, is made from heat resistant plastic instead of glass.

Examples: BonJour Ami-Matin Unbreakable | BonJour Hugo Unbreakable | Bodum Brazil Shatterproof

Ceramic models

BonJour Maurice Porcelain French PressCeramic models are also available and some of them have a classy design. Since the jug is ceramic you cannot actually see the coffee brewing so for some it may take away the fun that brewing coffee in a French press brings. They are not as easy to break as the glass models but still you can break them if you are not careful. If you are interested in ceramic French press you may want to try BonJour or LaCafetiere.

Examples: LaCafetiere Lexi | Miam.Miam Emperor | BonJour Maurice

Stainless steel models

Bodum ColumbiaStainless steel models are getting quite popular. Some of them are really stylish and elegant. They are not breakable which is a great advantage over the glass models. And they do keep the coffee hot for longer than the glass ones. However, you should not store the brewed coffee in any French press for too long otherwise it will over extract and may become bitter - so don't be tempted to use it as a thermo to keep you coffee warm. Bodum, BonJour and Frieling all make very elegant stainless steel models.

Examples: Nissan Coffee Press | Bodum Columbia | Frieling Ultimo

Travel mugs

Bodum Double-Wall Stainless Steel Travel Coffee PressTravel French press is a combination of a coffee press and a mug - so you can drink directly from it. They are made either from stainless steel or from durable plastic and keep the coffee warm for a long time. They are very convenient for traveling. Popular ones are from Bodum, Nissan and Planetary Design.

Examples: Bodum Travel Press | Planetary Design Travel Press

The electric French press

Bodum Bistro Electric French Press Coffee Maker and Tea Dripper, 4-CupThe electric coffee French press is a relatively new concept. It is very convenient as it eliminates the need to boil the water separately and then pour into into the French press. Obviously it's also more expensive.

Examples: Bodum Bistro | Chef's Choice | West Bend

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