Coffee Maker Filter

Selecting the right coffee maker filter can make a difference to your brew. There are two main shapes of coffee filters: a flat bottom filter or a cone filter. The flat bottom filter is more commonly used, but the cone shaped filter is much better for extracting the coffee. In the flat bottom filter the extraction is very uneven and also there is more of a chance that the filter will clog. But obviously you need to use the one that fits into your coffee maker.
Coffee maker filters are made from many different materials. I will talk about them one by one in here.

Paper coffee filter

Paper coffee filters produce a clear, sediment free coffee. They don't let through some of the coffee oils so the coffee is somewhat weak. A special type of paper filter that lets a lot of the coffee oils through is the Chemex coffee maker filter.

Stainless steel coffee filter

These are sometimes also called gold-tone coffee filters. The steel is treated in such a way that it does not impart metallic taste. All the coffee oils are passed through so the coffee will be more full-bodied. There may also be a fair amount of grounds going through the filter (depending on the grind).

Titanium coffee filter

Titanium coffee filters are made of perforated titanium sheets. The titanium is not going to impart any flavor to your coffee . Like with all metallic filters, the coffee oils can go through and so can some fine grounds.

Gold coffee filter

Gold or SwissGold coffee filter is plated with 23 karat gold. This is the best metallic filter that you can get. These filters have very fine perforations so they will keep out more grounds than gold-tone or titanium filters.

Plastic coffee filter

These coffee maker filters are made of plastic mesh. I would not recommend them because most of them pass an unpleasant taste to your coffee.

Cloth coffee filter

The cloth filters are made either from hemp or from unbleached cotton. These filters let through the coffee oils and only very little coffee grounds (less than the metallic filters). Cloth filter is very good if you want clear coffee with full body. One cloth filter usually lasts several months. A drawback is that this is the least convenient filter out of the lot. You need to rinse it with water and sometimes clean it with a soft brush. Then you need to let it dry somewhere.

So which one to choose?

Well it really depends on what you want. If you don't mind some sediment in your coffee I would recommend that you get one of the metallic filters. They will last for years to come and they are also easy to clean. You can either rinse them in soapy water or wash them in the top rank of the dishwasher.

If you don't want any grounds in your coffee then you should use paper filters. If you want to get the full richness of the coffee out and yet you want to minimize the sediment then you may want to try the cloth filter.

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