Coffee Pod Maker - The Perfect Pod

Make your own coffee pods at home

This coffee pod maker is a perfect product for coffee lovers who like the convenience of single serve coffee makers. The Perfect Pod makes individual coffee pods usable in many coffee brewing systems. Most people use it with Senseo, it works with a range of other brewers too.

Coffee Pod Maker

The single cup brewers are great, but there are several issues associated with the pre-made coffee pods: they are expensive, the choice of flavors is limited and they do not stay fresh for long. Lets have a look how this coffee pod maker addresses these problems.

For most people, the main issue with the pods is the price. The pods are rather expensive - especially if you go for the gourmet coffee beans. Making your own pods is considerably cheaper. Another problem with the pre-made coffee pods is that the coffee in the pod gets stale very quickly. When you use the Perfect Pod to make your own pods, you have full control over the freshness of your coffee. You can use freshly roasted, freshly ground beans for that perfect cup of joe. As an added bonus, you never have to worry about running out of coffee pods.

Finally, if you are one of the people who don't really like the choice of coffee that is available in coffee pods then this little coffee pod maker is a must. It allows you to make your own coffee pods from freshly ground coffee beans of your own choosing - use your favorite blend or experiment with different types of beans. You can even use it to make tea pods using your favorite loose tea leaves.

The Perfect Pod is very easy to use. The process is so simple that a child could do it: just put in a filter, fill it with one and half tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and close the lid - voila, 3 seconds later your pod is ready. If you want, you can see this coffee pod maker in action.

So what do users think of the Perfect Pod? Well, most simply love it: the flexibility to use whatever coffee you want, the ease of use, and the money saved in the long run. Many owners are so happy with this coffee pod maker that they have recommended it to their friends or given it as a gift to friends or family. The only major complaint based on customer reviews I read is that some of the units have stopped heating at some point after purchasing. However, when the owners contacted the manufacturer they received a replacement for free. A slight drawback that users also mentioned is the fact that you have to buy replacement filters which are not that easily available - it's best to order them in bulk on line.

All in all, the Perfect Pod maker does just what it is supposed to do and it does it really well. It makes a fabulous gift for anybody that loves coffee and uses one of the systems for individual brewing so popular nowadays.

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