Cold Brew Coffee Makers

What Cold Brew Systems Are Around?

Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker, 8-Cup Since cold brewed coffee is so hot these days, many people are looking for a dedicated cold brew coffee maker. You may have heard about Toddy or Filtron, but there are other options too. There are actually many cold brew systems available and some of them are so beautiful that they could easily double as a work of art. So let us have a look what is available.

Probably the best known cold brewer is the Toddy coffee maker. This is by far the most popular cold brew coffee maker around. It have many satisfied users. Some of them would not even drink any other coffee that the one made in a Toddy. There are only a few complaints that come up in the user reviews. Some feel that the system seems to be rather expensive given the type of materials used. Others find the brewing a bit messy.

Another well established cold brewer with excellent reviews is the Filtron coffee maker, or "The Originial Cold Water Coffee Concentrate Brewer" as it is also called. While it is similar in concept to the Toddy system, some users who have used both coffee makers find that Filtron is easier to use. You can read a bit of a comparison of Filtron Vs. Toddy here.

The cheapest alternative is the Ronco cold brew coffee maker. Again, the concept is rather similar to Toddy and Filtron. It is not that well known, but is has good reviews.

A relative newcomer to the cold brewing family is the Hourglass coffee maker. It is very pleasing to the eye with its elegant curves, but the user reviews are somewhat mixed. Most common complain is about the way the two parts screw together - some users find that the coffee maker leaks while others find it difficult to detach the two parts once they are tightly screwed together.

The most expensive coffee maker that I'll talk about here is the cold drip brewer from Yama (imported by Northwest Glass). This is a beautiful coffee maker that will certainly become a conversational topic. Since it is quite large, fragile and expensive, it may not be the best option for an average family. It may, however, make a very nice gift for someone who can appreciate good coffee.

Finally, there is also a similar cold brewer from Hario. Just like the Yama dripper, the Hario cold brewer is rather expensive, fragile and very elegant. Ideal for making iced coffee.

As you can see there are several options when it comes to cold brew coffee makers. If you know about some other cold brew system then please let me know.

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