Cold Brew Coffee

A Delicious And Less Acidic Alternative

When I first heard about cold brew coffee, I was really skeptical about it. But with time I have found out that it is not as ridiculous as it sounds. It is actually a very good way to prepare iced coffee. The coffee that the cold brewing produces has quite different taste than ordinary coffee - some people love it, others don't.

So how does this cold brewing work then? Well, it's pretty simple - you just mix ground coffee with water, leave it stand for about 12 hours and then you filter it to remove the grounds. This produces concentrated solution that you can store in the fridge for about 2 weeks. When you want a cup of coffee, you just pour some of the concentrate into you cup and dilute it with hot water.

Cold Brewers

You don't really need a cold brew coffee maker. You can make the concentrate for example in a French press. But it may be convenient to have a cold brewer. There are number of different cold brew coffee makers around: Toddy, Filtron or the Hourglass coffee maker to name just a few. The most popular cold brewing system is the Toddy coffee maker.

The characteristic of the cold brewed coffee

Iced coffee

The cold brew concentrate is very convenient when you are into iced coffee. In fact some coffee houses (for example Seattle's Best Coffee) use cold brewed coffee concentrate to make some of their iced coffee drinks.

My favorite tip: you can freeze some of the concentrate into ice cubes. Then you serve ice coffee with a mixture of ordinary ice cubes and the dark coffee concentrate ice cubes. It looks cool! Plus the iced coffee does not get diluted as the ice melts.

Further Reading

Cold Brew Coffee Makers
Here we will have a look at several coffee makers that brew coffee in cold water. You might have heard about Toddy or Filtron coffee maker, but what about Hourglass coffee maker, Ronco brewing system or the beautiful cold drip brewer from Northwest Glass?

Toddy Coffee Maker
The Toddy coffee maker is the most popular cold brew system around. We will talk about it here.