Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker (DCC1200)

by Mary
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Two years ago my husband and I were house-sitting for his brother and their family and shortly after their departure we discovered, to our horror, they did not have a coffee pot or a coffee maker of any type in the house.

It was still early morning and we needed our java, but with no time to research options or ask for anyone's recommendations, we headed to the store hoping for the best. An hour later we ended up with the 12-cup Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker.

The first thing that caught our eye about this model from Cuisinart was the sleek black and chrome design with a slightly retro appearance thanks to the control dials, and also the fact that it was programmable, an absolute must-have feature in our house.

The machine's dials are used for setting the temperature of the heater plate and it also features a one to four cup setting for even greater control over your morning brew. My husband insists that his coffee be steaming HOT, and the Cuisinart DCC-1200 definitely lives up to the challenge. I, on the other hand, like it my coffee a bit cooler and like that this model allows me to put the warmer plate on a lower setting after he's had his fill.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to coffee makers are the carafes that drip when pouring coffee or water, but with this model and its ergonomic handle and drip-less spout, there's never a mess to clean off the countertop.

The only downside to this particular coffee maker is its size, which is slightly larger than average size measuring at 7.5"wide by 8.5" in diameter by 14.25" high.

In the few years since we've owned the Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker we're definitely pleased with the rich flavor it produces, how it keeps the coffee hot even an hour later, and last but certainly not least, how easy the machine is to use.

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