De'Longhi Bar 14 Café Treviso

by Emma
(London, England, United Kingdom)

There are many different espresso machines on the market; however, I have found none as good as the De'Longhi Bar 14 Café Treviso espresso maker. Not only was this espresso maker excellent value for money, but is also looked fantastic in my kitchen. Although I love the idea of really complicated machines, the reality is I like an espresso machine that is very easy to use. The simple pods that are used with this machine are great, and make it simple for everyone to make a perfect espresso every time. With the built in swivel pipe for frothing you can practice your coffee shop designs whenever you feel like it.

Although this espresso machine works brilliantly as soon as it needs a clean the service and reliability goes downhill fast. It can be quite fiddly to clean, and therefore you have to set aside a good hour to strip, and de-scale the whole machine. If you use it often like I do this will need to be done weekly, which can become an issue if you don't have time. I also found that if you like really strong espresso there is no way to make them stronger. You have to have the pods strength, or weaker which can be a problem when you need your morning kick.

If you like very hot strong espresso you may be better off going for a different espresso machine, however it is great for the occasional espresso. I bought this machine as it looks great, is very affordable, and serves the purpose that it was bought for. Although there are better machines on the market there are also far worse to choose from. For a middle range price espresso machine that is great for dinner parties, and those espressos to wake you up the De'Longhi Bar 14 Café Treviso espresso maker is ideal.

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