DeLonghi Retro Espresso/Cappuccino Maker Model BAR32

by Dawn K.

The DeLonghi Retro Espresso/Cappuccino maker first caught my eye about a year ago when out shopping for a good friend's bridal shower. We had just repainted our kitchen and were using the same retro, 1950s style of decor, so the black and silver espresso maker seemed perfect for the room's new look. I was also desperately wanting an espresso maker of my own after having one delicious cup after another at friends and relatives' houses.

In more than a year of regular use, this DeLonghi espresso/cappuccino has yet to disappoint. The machine primes itself and has easy to use controls with indicator lights, ideal for someone like me who had never used this type of machine before.

The machine features a turbojet frother which is rather effective and more than doubles the amount of cold milk used. The espresso made is everything you'd expect with a strong, distinctive flavor as well as a rich, creamy and thick layer on top to dive into thanks to the pressure created by the powerful 15-bar pump built into the machine. The lattes it makes are also tasty and I really enjoy that the machine not only makes lattes along with espresso and cappuccino, but also hot chocolate as well, a sweet indulgence perfect for a cold winter's night.

Some other attractive features included with the multi-function espresso maker are the removable drip tray, which is dishwasher safe, a removable, clear water tank able to hold up to 35 ounces, and two filter holders, one for espresso in pods and the other for the ground variety. There's also only one single dial to change the function from preheat to espresso to steam and another for dispensing either steam or hot water if you want to make a cup of tea or perhaps a bowl of soup.

The only complaint I have about the DeLonghi retro espresso/cappuccino maker is its size, which isn't too large, but a few inches smaller would have fit better with my limited counter space. However, there are definitely bigger, more cumbersome machines I've seen, not to mention more expensive, that simply do not make either espresso or cappuccino nearly as well as this model.

DeLonghi BAR32Editor's note

DeLonghi BAR32 is quite a popular espresso machine with good reviews.

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