Double Shot Travel French Press Mug Review

by Steven

I bought the Double Shot Travel French Press Mug as a camping coffee maker about 8 months ago. It seemed like a great idea when roughing it to replace my old camping coffee maker and avoid that bitter taste. My double shot travel French press mug is lightweight and made of plastic – I passed over the glass French press coffee makers because I was worried about breakage when traveling. Ok, so that is what I like about it but when I took it camping with us the first time I discovered the regular coffee I used was not right for the French Press, I had grounds and silt all through that first batch of coffee. I blame it on operator error because the instructions clearly said coarse ground.

What I do not like is that I still have problems trying remembering to add sugar ahead of time to the French Press. There is a lot of stirring to be done too – something I am not good at before coffee. It takes about 4 minutes to make coffee but that is after you have added boiling water – another step to the process.

Once I got a very coarse ground coffee made for the French press the flavor of the coffee went from river mud, to excellent. I do not care at all for all the fuss involved compared to my old aluminum camping coffee maker but I do love the coffee. The box says 14 oz container but it is more like 12 oz. of coffee, too full and it gets messy. It is not super simple to use if you are not a morning person but for great coffee that requires no electrical outlet, you cannot beat it. I would definitely buy this travel coffee maker again – but I do not believe I will have to soon.

Double Shot Travel French Press MugEditor's note

The Double Shot Travel French Press Mug by Planetary Design is a travel coffee maker that comes in many different colors: black, red, pink, blue, green, yellow - you name it.

It is quite popular and it has very good customer reviews.

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