Eight O’Clock Coffee, Superb from the First Sip until the Last

by Nicole

It’s been a while since I first tasted the very best cup of coffee I ever had. In fact, it’s been over twenty years. However, the coffee taste lasted through the test of time and now holds a permanent place on in my refrigerator, where I keep the bag. I was sightseeing on the coast with my daughter and several of her friends. The day had been long and after a grueling set of four connecting flights, we wanted to walk as much as possible to shake off the jet lag that plagued us.

Our adventures through the city left us both tired and hungry, so we stopped at a small diner. Everyone ordered something to eat and a cup of coffee. I’m not a coffee snob. In fact, give me a cup of warm water with a few tablespoons of coffee for the flavor and I’ll be happy. However, it only took one sip to realize this coffee was like no other I’ve ever tasted. It was smooth and rich. It left you wanting another cup. It went down smooth without the bitter bite you often find in other coffee.

Curious about the coffee, I asked the server the brand name. It was Eight O’Clock Coffee. I thought I knew the brand but the knowledge was somewhere in the very recesses of my mind. She then told me they purchased it locally and it originally was an A&P grocery brand. I’d always thought Eight O'Clock coffee was a cheap brand you purchased few days before payday when finances were low.

During that time, the A&P stores were closing and the local one and the neighborhood where it was, had seen better days. I ventured in and found the delectable bag of beans, but spent quite a bit of time asking trying to figure out how to use the grinder. I had only used Folger’s or other preground coffee before that time. Finally, a friendly customer noted my dilemma and helped. It didn’t turn out to be that difficult.

The flavor was just as wonderful at home, as it had been on vacation, even though I only had a Mr. Coffee and not the restaurant quality machine. The source of supply soon closed and I returned to my alternate brand of coffee and sometimes, on rare occasions, indulged in a cup of expensive Joe from the ritzy, but not better Starbucks. Many years later, while shopping at a Wal-Mart, I found the same wonderful bag of beans that tickled and tantalized my taste buds. I scooped several into my shopping cart. Today, I find the brand several places, including on the Internet. However, I always keep a few extra pounds in my freezer, just in case.

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