Espresso Coffee

by Erin

The best cup of coffee is often down to personal taste; however, the best cup I ever experienced was at my sister’s house. There are many exciting coffee machines on the market, and she had recently bought one for the family. I love drinking coffee; however, I was skeptical that the new Gaggia Classic coffee machine would produce a superior cup of coffee. There are several elements to every cup of coffee that make it unique.

When you enjoy coffee as much as I do, you will want to ensure that every cup is enjoyed and extremely flavorsome. As my sister began to grind the beans for the coffee, I enquired which style of beans she would be using. The flavor of the beans will determine the coffee; therefore, I wanted to ensure they were just right. The Italian beans which she had chosen would go well with the authentic Italian coffee maker.

With the Italian coffee beans ground, my sister placed them in the machine, ready for the brewing experience. The compact machine sprung to life, and heated the water to perfection. Far too many people overheat the water for their coffee, which will ruin the taste. My sister also used bottled water, which I do believe enhanced the flavor and made it taste fresher.

Once the machine was heated it began to brew the coffee, and slowly the aroma filled the room. As the incredible flavors were unlocked within the coffee beans the smell made the coffee irresistible. I usually drink my coffee black, however, on this occasion I choose to have frothy milk much like a cappuccino. The expert frothing spout ensured that the right level of milk was applied, to enhance and not overpower the coffee.

Every element of coffee was perfect, and ensured that I asked for another to see if the first was a one off. My sister assured me that the new coffee machine, alongside the best choice in beans will always produce a fantastic cup of coffee. Not only had she taken the time to select Italian roasted coffee beans, but she had stored them correctly.

Once the coffee had been poured, my sister took the time to clean the machine, ensuring that there were no remnants of leftover coffee. I do believe that it was her care and attention to detail which helped to produce this ultimate cup of satisfaction. No part of the coffee making process was rushed, and the coffee was left to blend at its own speed.

There are no rules when it comes to making coffee you enjoy; however, once you find the ultimate cup you will want it time and time again. I know that every time I need that perfection in a cup I have to return to my sister’s kitchen, and watch her use the Gaggia Classic coffee machine like an artist. Unfortunately, the incredible cup of coffee I experienced has ensured that every cup I make in the future just isn’t the same.

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