Electric French Press

Do you like French coffee press but find it a pain to boil water in a kettle? Try the electric French press. It is very convenient and still gives you that rich, full-bodied coffee.

There are not many choices when it comes to electric coffee press. In fact there are only two manufactures as far as I know. The first one is Chef's Choice and the other one is West Bend. Each of these two models uses a very different mechanism to brew the coffee. We will cover them both here.

Chef's Choice Electric French Press

Chef's Choice electric French press

This coffee maker boils the water and brews the coffee in the same container. It gives you a good control over the brewing process. The capacity is supposedly 8 cups - but that's talking about 4oz cups which hardly anyone uses. In reality it's more like 4 cups (or even less if you use cups larger than 8oz). It is very simple to use:
  1. Pour the water in, close the lid and turn the coffee press pot on.
  2. Once the water is boiling it switches of automatically. I recommend that you then wait about 1 minute to let the water cool down a bit (to reach the optimal 205°F).
  3. Add coarsely ground coffee (1 rounded tablespoon per 4oz of water).
  4. Stir, replace the lid and wait for 4 minutes.
  5. Remove the lid, put in the plunger and slowly press the filter all the way down.
  6. That's it. Remove the cordless pot from the base and pour yourself a cup of joe.

Sounds great, doesn't it? OK, there is one thing that mares the picture: some users find out that the coffee pot starts leaking after a few months of use. So I suggest that you read the reviews first if you want to buy Chef's Choice electric French Press.

West Bend French coffee press

West Bend Electric French Press This electric French coffee press has two different compartments for boiling and brewing. It comes only in 4 cup version (again this is 4 4oz cups, so it's make about 2 regular cups or less). Here is how you use it:
  1. Pour the water into the water reservoir.
  2. Rinse the carafe with warm water to pre-heat it a bit.
  3. Add coarsely ground coffee into the carafe (1 rounded tablespoon per 4oz of water).
  4. Put in the plunger and press the filter all the way down.
  5. Put the carafe into the coffee maker and switch it on. When the water is heated up the coffee maker will automatically start filling the carafe. The coffee maker will switch itself off automatically.
  6. When all the water is in the carafe remove the carafe from the coffee maker. Pull the plunger up and press it down again. Do this three times to mix the grounds with the water.
  7. Pull the plunger up and leave the coffee steeping for 4 minutes.
  8. Now push the plunger down and you are done.
Just like with Chef's Choice some users are very happy with it but some do find some quality control issues - so check the reviews first.

A little bit of comparison

The Chef's Choice model electric French press gives you more control over the brewing process. It is also faster in boiling the water. It boils 1 quart of water in about 4 minutes and you can use it as a kettle if you want. On the other hand, the West Bend French coffee press is much cheaper (less that half the price).

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