French Press Coffee Maker

For many coffee enthusiasts the French press coffee maker is the way to brew coffee. If you have never tried French press coffee, then I think you should definitely give it a try.You may or may not like it as it does contain a little bit of sediment. But the coffee is rich, full-bodied and with a lot of aroma.

Using the French press is very simple yet it gives you a lot of control over how you brew your coffee. You control not only the amount of coffee grounds but also the temperature of the water and length of brewing. This allows you to really get the best out of your beans (check out my tips about using the French Press coffee maker).

Frieling French Press

French press is known by many different names - cafetière, coffee press, coffee plunger, press pot etc. It consists of a jug and a plunger that fits tightly into the jug. You put coarsely ground coffee into the jug, pour hot water over it, leave it stand for a few minutes and then use the plunger to push the coffee grounds to the bottom of the jug to separate them from the coffee.

While traditional material for coffee press is glass, many other materials can be used as well: ceramic, stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic. The stainless steel models are particularly desirable due to their durability and, in many cases, heat retention.

So who manufactures French press coffee makers? Bodum, BonJour and Frieling are the names that immediately spring into mind. Other manufacturers are LaCafetiere, NorPro, Nissan, Planetary Design and many others.

Further Reading

Types of French press coffee maker
There are many different types of French press coffee maker: glass French press, ceramic French press, stainless steel French press, French press travel mugs and electric French press.

French Press Tips
Here I talk about how to make the most out of your French press. You will find step-bystep instructions for using the coffee press as well as some tips about making that perfect cup of coffee.

French Press Safety
There are two potential hazards when using the French press coffee pot, both of them can lead to burns. Please read this to avoid any injuries - especially whem you have children around.

Electric French Press
Many people do not know that there is also an electric version of French coffee press. It is like an ordinary coffee press pot but you don't have to boil the water separately. Here we will have a look at two different models - from Chef's Choice and from West Bend.

Bodum French Press
Bodum is the first name that comes to mind when talking about a coffee press. They offer a huge range of different coffee press pots. Here you can find out about the different models, some made of glass, other from stainless steel.

BonJour French Press
The feature that sets the BonJour French press apart from all the other coffee presses is the BonJour Flavor Lock system. Some of the BonJour models also come in very unique shapes.

Frieling French Press
This is a very popular stainless steel coffee press with outstanding reviews. Good heat retention, solid build, elegance and high customer satisfaction sum it all up.