French Press Coffee Pot: Safety

Safety precautions when using coffee press

While the French press coffee pot is very simple to use, it is important to remember that it can cause serious burns if you are not careful. So what exactly is the potential hazards? Well, there are actually two different risks and both of them can lead to burns.

The first issue is hot water splashing out while you are pushing the filter down. This can easily scald your hand or even your face.

The second possible problem is even more dangerous. If you use a coffee press pot made from glass there is a risk of the glass breaking while you are making your coffee. While most models use borosilicate glass which does not break easily, the possibility of the glass breaking is always present.

The accidents that happen when the glass breaks can be quite nasty since there is a large volume of very hot water involved. For this reason it may be better to get either a ceramic french press or better still a stainless steel press pot.

The following precautions will help you to minimize the risks:

Following these tips should help you prevent accidents and enjoy the delicious coffee that French press can make.

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