Frieling French Press

A Stainless Steel Coffee Press

Are you looking for a French press to use to make a better cup of coffee? There are some advantages in going for a stainless steel press: it is not easily breakable, it is safer to use and it keeps coffee hot for longer. On top of that, it can also double as a pitcher for milk and juices should you so choose.

Frieling french press The most popular stainless models seem to be Bodum Columbia and the Frieling French press. Both of these products look quite impressive and attractive but there are a few minor differences.

The Frieling French press is all stainless steel construction with a full length handle whereas the Bodum Columbia has some plastic pieces and has a somewhat shorter handle. Both are dishwasher safe and you can purchase a matching creamer and sugar with them. If you cannot decide between Frieling and Bodum, then you may find this review helpful.

Frieling coffee presses come in several sizes: 8 oz, 17 oz, 23 oz and 33 oz.

Impressive Reviews

If you look over the reviews for the Frieling French press you will see that it got some very impressive reviews. Most people simply love this particular French press. While reviews are merely individual people's comments on a product, it is rare to find so many different people with so many different likes and dislikes all recommending a product with so few exceptions.

What People Liked About the Frieling French Press

Not surprisingly many people liked the all stainless steel thermos, stating that it was not only attractive but very durable. Many almost raved about the attractiveness of this coffee maker. Several reviewers also talked about the seamless construction and the over all quality of the press. Some people even take it camping because of its durability. Users, who have used the Frieling coffee press for several years are impressed by the superior build quality of this product.

Almost all the users also agreed that this French Press makes some of the best coffee they have ever tasted. Several reviewers stated that they use it for making teas as well as coffee.

Other positive comments seem to be that it is nice and hefty without being overly heavy and very easy to clean in the dishwasher. A number of users also like the thermal isolation of this press which keeps their coffee nice and hot.

What People Disliked

The only complaint that several people have is that the Frieling press does not keep their coffee hot. Now, if you have a look just a few lines above, you'll see that thermal isolation was actually praised by several reviewers as well. The problem is that some pople expect to use this stainless steel French press as a thermos. It is not designed or meant to be used like that.

The point of the thermal isolation is to retain the water temperature for the 4 to 5 minutes in which the coffee is brewed. Frieling is doing remarkably well in this respect. Once the coffee is done brewing, you should ideally not leave it in the press - otherwise it will get over-extracted after a while.

All in all, the Frieling French press is an excellent product. The only downside for some people may be the price - it is obviously more expensive than a traditional glass coffee press. But sometimes it is worthwhile to pay more for a high quality product that will last for many years.

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