GE Digital Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

by Sarah

When the expensive and sleek looking coffee maker I received for my wedding shower a short 12 months ago decided to stop working one morning right before the holidays a few years back, we had to find a quick replacement on a limited budget. The GE Digital Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker immediately caught my husband's eye who went out to the store to find the best, and cheapest, machine he could find.

After a few years of constant use, and not cleaning it as often as we really should, which is every 60 brew cycles, I'm happy to report that this coffee maker from General Electric is still brewing tasty cups of coffee without fail. And, in comparison to the costlier Mr. Coffee we previously owned, which didn't last nearly as long as expected considering the well known brand name, this coffee maker definitely outperforms in terms of taste, brew time, and even cost.

Some of the coffee maker's features I like best include the heavy duty basket that takes regular, cheap coffee filters, and the "Select a Brew" setting, which allows you to change the strength of the coffee ranging from mild, my favorite, to strong, my husband's favorite. The two hour automatic shut-off feature is another perk because we never have to worry if the machine is still on after leaving the house in the morning.

This GE coffee maker is also rather quiet when brewing, allowing you to smell the pleasant aroma of the coffee without also hearing every last drop making its way through the machine.

Probably the only thing I would change about this particular coffee maker is the lack of a thermal carafe, which is always nice to take with you to another room and still have a pot of hot coffee. But overall, I'd say I'm more than satisfied with this GE digital and programmable coffee maker and hope it continues working as well as it has.

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