Hamilton Beach Brew Station Plus

by Tracy

I am a coffee lover. I receive home deliveries of high end coffee. I own an espresso maker, single cup coffee maker, dual cup travel coffee maker and my Hamilton Beach Brew Station. That is not to mention the hand coffee press and extra coffee maker sitting in the cupboard. With so much coffee in my life, I was amazed to find a coffee maker that truly worked perfectly pot after pot.

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is not like other coffee makers. This unit brews the coffee into the unit and a dispenser allows me to pour one cup at a time. The coffee maker holds 12 cups which is just enough for my husband and I on most mornings. The pieces come apart easily and cleanup is a breeze.

While all of this is great, it is the lack of an exposed burner that I love the most. With the brewed coffee being held inside the unit, the Hamilton Beach Brew Station does not need external heat. That means I can brew up some coffee and pour every last drop into my cup without having to taste that burnt leftover taste at the end of the pot. Plus, the unit turns off so I cannot forget and burn the house down. How great is that?

I think if there was just one improvement I could make to my coffee maker it would be the space provided to add water. There is not much room for error and when you are pouring water first thing in the morning, before coffee, things can get dicey. I have resorted to programming the coffee maker at night when I am still awake to have my coffee ready when the alarm sounds in the morning.

Hamilton Beach 47665 BrewStation PlusEditor's note

Hamilton Beach BrewStation is a very popular coffee maker with very good user reviews.

It has a unique design. Instead of brewing into a carafe, it brews the coffee into an internal tank that keeps the coffee hot without burning it. You then dispense the coffee directly into your mug whenever you want.

There are several different models around. The actual model pictured on the right is the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Plus. It is one of the cheaper models that you can get for under fifty dollars. If you want a unit with sleeker looks then have a look at the Deluxe version.

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