Hamilton Beach BrewStation

by Anonymous

I have the 2007 model of the Hamilton Beach BrewStation. The sleek black color blends really well in my kitchen. While I enjoy the fact that I can serve directly from the pot to the cup without lifting a carafe, this coffee pot design could use some fine-tuning.

The BrewStation is a 12-cup pot that brews directly into a large reservoir, holding the coffee until you place your cup under the reservoir, pressing against the dispenser button. As you press the button, the coffee pours from the reservoir into your cup.

The design is convenient for those days when I have many things going on. It allows me the ability to refill my coffee cup on the way by without having to stop and put the cup down, grab the pot and pour. I can just hold my cup to the button and it pours automatically. It also saves me from spilling coffee as I pour, since there's no pot to hold.

I enjoy how quickly it brews coffee, turning out a full 12-cup pot in minutes. As a mom of two young kids, this is great on those sleepy mornings. The pot stays on for at least an hour after the brewing cycle ends, keeping the coffee steaming hot. Even after it turns off, the heat is concentrated inside the reservoir so that I still get a hot cup of coffee two hours or more after brewing.

The tank size and structure makes it cumbersome and heavy when I'm trying to fill the pot with water and get it started. Many times, I've inadvertently spilled water behind the pot because the tank is heavy. There is a handle that flips up on the top of the tank, but it is awkward and difficult to manage sometimes, so I hold the tank by the top and bottom edges.

The tank has a gasket at the bottom that keeps it from leaking, but the gasket can break down prematurely, causing the tank to leak at the spout. I've replaced the gasket twice since I bought it three years ago, and some seem to last longer than others.

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