Hamilton Beach Grinder

by Patricia

There is nothing like a good cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning and I have to say, my Hamilton Beach grinder rocks! I love selecting my own beans and creating my own blend of coffee (my favorite – 1.5 part French Roast breans, 0.5 part Espresso beans and 1 part French Vanilla beans). I grind just what I need when I make a pot of coffee and the fresh, rich flavor just can’t be beat!

My Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is my best friend in the mornings. With its retractable power cord and locking lid, it is easy to use and to store. Plus, it is so cute I retract the cord and leave it on the counter. It is lightweight and so simple to use. With just a push of a button I can have freshly ground coffee. I love that aroma and the taste just can’t be beat. I’ll take my fresh ground coffee from my little Hamilton Beach grinder over any of the ritzy coffee shops any day!

It has so many different grind settings for any coffee maker imaginable. And it is so easy to use. If you are like me, your eyes aren’t open until that first cup of coffee is down the hatch. All I have to do is uncoil the power cord, plug it in, measure my beans in the lid and put them in the grinder. Then I lock the lid, check the grind setting, push the button and walk away as the grinder does it work. When it stops (it does it automatically) I pop off the lid and drop my beautifully ground coffee in the filter. Clean up is super fast and easy, I just wipe it out with a paper towel.

And I get an awesome cup of coffee to start an awesome day!

Hamilton Beach GrinderEditor's note

There are several different Hamilton Beach Grinders. All of them have two features that make them very desirable. First, they are hands free coffee grinders, so you do not have to hold them while grinding the beans. Second, the power cord stores neatly in the base of the grinder.

There are, however, some issues that users do not like. Some people find the lid being quite difficult to lock in place before grinding and then to take the lid off afterwards. This is a shame since a lot of people who have athritis or other problems with their hands buy this grinder for it's hands-free feature.

Some owners aalso question the durability of these grinders. Bear also in mind that this is a blade coffee grinder, so do not expect a grind that would be consistent enough for espresso.

Having said all this, many owners simply love their Hamilton Beach coffee grinders. So, as always, it is best to read the reviews before buying.

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