Home Coffee Grinder

ground coffee A good home coffee grinder is an essential equipment for any coffee lover. There is simply nothing that matches a cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. When coffee is ground it looses its aroma and freshness very quickly. Grinding coffee beans only just before brewing will produce a delicious cup full of aroma.

four coffee beans There are three basic types of coffee grinder: electric burr grinder, electric blade grinder and manual burr grinder. There are some advantages and disadvantages in all three types. You will need to decide which one is right for you based on how you are planing to use it.

Burr grinders

Burr home coffee grinders are the best type of coffee grinders that you can get. They are also the most expensive type. The coffee is ground in a uniform manner. This is really the only type of grinder you should consider for espresso.

There are two designs of the burr grinder. One of them has conical burrs and the other one has flat burrs. In both cases the grinder one of the burr rotates and the other one stays stationary. The distance between the two burrs determines the fineness of the grind. When you want to adjust the coarseness, the grinder will change the distance between the two burrs.

Blade grinders

The blade coffee bean grinders chop the coffee beans by a sharp metal blade that spins around at high speed. The longer you run the grinder the finer the grind. The main advantage of these grinders is cost. They are considerably cheaper than the burr grinders.

The major drawback is that the coffee is not ground evenly - it can contain powder like particles alongside large chunks of coffee beans. This is in general not too much of a problem with brewing methods that use a paper or cloth filter. It may be unacceptable for some other methods.

Manual grinders

manual coffee grinder Yes, I am talking about one of those things that you may have seen in your great grandmother's kitchen. These are manual burr grinders. It takes quite some effort to grind the beans so it is suitable only if you are going to grind a small amount of coffee. A manual grinder is excellent for traveling (some people swear by the combination of aeropress and a hand grinder).

Manual grinders are great for people who enjoy the coffee making ritual. Grinding coffee manually on a busy morning may not be what you want. But that picture changes when you are grinding coffee while talking with friends, smelling the aroma in anticipation of a delicious coffee that you are shortly going to drink together. There is certain charm in it.

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