Home Espresso Machines: Introduction

Home espresso machines make espresso and espresso-based drinks such as cappuccino or latte. There is quite a lot to know about these machines so let's start with having a look at one of them.

home espresso machine with clearly labeled components

To operate the machine in the picture above you remove the portafilter and put finely ground coffee in it, you then tamp the coffee with a tamper, slot the portafilter back into the brewing group, put pre-warmed cups under the espresso spouts and turn on a switch to start the brewing.

The espresso then start to pour slowly through the espresso spouts directly into the cups. Once there is enough espresso in the cups you turn off a switch to stop the brewing. You use the steam wand to steam and froth milk for your cappuccino, latte etc.

If this sounds complicated don't worry - there are machines that do all this for you (and more) at a touch of a button. They are called super automatic espresso machines.

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