Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

by Jane E
(Birmingham, England, United Kingdom)

I love coffee with a passion. I love drinking coffee so much that I drink coffee every day. I would have searing hot latte for breakfast and cold ice blended coffee throughout the day, especially in the summer.

However, although I do not mind any type of coffee, one particular type which I love is Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. The first time I tried it was when I received a half-pound pack of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee from a friend in the USA. I was so excited to try a new kind of coffee, I immediately opened the package.

She mentioned that she chose the coffee beans herself and had them ground at the store where she bought them. She thought I would like Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

As I opened the fresh ground Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, I could smell the rich aroma and it instantly reminded me of mornings at my grandma's home. You see, my grandma would make hot, black coffee every morning without fail and I have always loved waking up to the smell of aromatic coffee.

According to the preparation guide on the coffee pack, I added two tablespoons of coffee into some water, just enough for two mugs. Then, I boiled the mixture of ground coffee and water on the stove until it was frothy, before pouring it into the mugs. Lastly, I added some fresh milk and sugar into my coffee, since I like it creamy and sweet.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is well known for its lack of bitterness and mild flavor, but still has the aroma nonetheless. That was my best cup of coffee, ever. Enjoying a cup of good coffee with a great company never gets old.

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Aug 05, 2010
I love Jamaican Blue Mountain
by: Suzzanne

Oh, I love Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as well. It is my favorite! I am just a bit surprised that you boil it. I thought that coffee should never be boiled otherwise it's going to be too bitter.

Perhaps you would like your Jamaican Blue Mountain even more if you make it with hot water that is off the boil?

Sep 04, 2012
my cubita mountain blue
by: the open hand cafe

as a jamaican i apreciate your comment ...
i as a coffee shop owner dont do packaged coffees and i get my beans from all over the world, most of the beans are green and i roast them myself..
i hva created a coffee called the cubita mountain blue
a jamaican blue mountain with cubas cubite....i have a secret for the sweetener and flavor
loook up the open hand on fb dickson tn and add me and ill let ya know the secret...lol

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