Keurig B40

Keurig Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System

Keurig B40 Elite is the most affordable model out of the Keurig coffee brewers. It has less features than the other models but the quality of the coffee is just as good as you get with the higher end models. You can make regular coffee, flavored coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You can use any of the great variety of K-cups or you can get accessories to use coffee pods or your own coffee. Keurig B40

Ease of use is also not compromised: open the lid, insert K-cup, close the lid, press a button and wait for half a minute or so. That's it. Your coffee is ready. And clean up? Easy - open the lid, throw the used K-cup away, close the lid. This thing really could not be simpler to use.

After you turn on the machine you will have to wait for about three minutes before you can make your first cup of coffee. After this initial warm up it only takes less than a minute to brew a cup of coffee. You can set the machine to switch off automatically when it has not been used for two hours. But if you are using your coffee maker a lot throughout the day it's a good idea to leave it running continuously.

There are two different brewing sizes: 7.25 and 9.25oz. Note that the old units had only the regular 7.25oz size. Keurig only recently added the larger size. If you get a new unit you will get the both brewing sizes. The 9.25oz brewing size works nicely for filling up your travel mug. If you remove the drip tray, you can brew your coffee directly into a tall travel mug.

The design of Keurig Elite B40 makes adding water very easy. The water tank is on the side and you can easily take it out, fill it with water and put it back in. It holds 48oz of water - enough for 6 regular cups. When the water is getting low, the 'Add Water' light will turn on alerting you to refill the water tank. There is also a 'Descale' light that turns on to indicate that it is time to de-scale the machine.

Just like with all other Keurig coffee brewers, you can use B40 Elite to dispense hot water - very useful for making instant soups. You simply run the brewing cycle without putting in a K-cup. The hot water or coffee comes out at 192°F. There is no choice of temperatures that you get on the higher end models.

If you compare B40 Elite with the other models, there is a few things that you don't get:

Overall, Keurig B40 Elite is an excellent entry level model. Most users are very happy with it and it has very good customer reviews.

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