Keurig Coffee Makers

keurig coffee maker Keurig coffee makers are one of those new single cup coffee brewing systems that are so popular these days. It makes brewing a good cup of coffee a child's play.

Making coffee is so easy and foolproof that you cannot get it wrong. You simply insert a K-cup and press a button to start brewing. That's it, done - less than one minute later you can drink your coffee. The cleaning is just as easy - just take the used K-cup out and throw it away. Coffee making can't get more convenient than this.

So, what is this K-cup then? Well it looks a bit like the plastic cup for those tiny portions of milk that you get in the hotel rooms. Inside the plastic cup there is a specially designed paper filter that holds the coffee. The coffee is then brewed directly in the K-cup.

With the K-cup the coffee is sealed away from light, air and moisture so it keeps fresh. That is much better that some of the coffee pods that are not individually sealed. The cost of the K-cups varies but it is in general around $0.50. That's obviously more expensive than drip coffee - but still much cheaper than buying coffee from your local coffee shop.

The main advantage of Keurig coffee brewers over the other single cup coffee makers is the availability of a vast range of different coffees. You can get K-cups for many different gourmet coffees from reputable roasters like Green Mountain, Diedrich, Gloria Jean's, Timothy's, Van Houtte, Tully's or Coffee People. There is also a good selection of teas and you can get some hot chocolate too. You can even get cappuccino (from Gloria Jean's).

You have around 200 different K-cup varieties to choose from. But things get even better. If you like some of the coffee pods for other single serve makers, you can use them with the Keurig too. You just need to get the Perfect Pod Holster which allows you to use the vast majority of available coffee pods instead of the K-cup. And if that's not enough there is always My K-cup. With My K-cup you can use your own coffee.

To summarize, you can use nearly 200 K-cups, all the pods that Senseo and most of other single cup brewers can use and your own coffee. If you compare this with the limited selection available for other other single cup coffee makers such as Tassimo or Flavia you really start appreciating what you are getting with the Keurig. You simply don't get this many choices with any other single serve coffee maker.

The most popular models for home use are Keurig Elite B40, Keurig Special Edition B60 and Keurig Platinum B70. Also very popular is the Keurig B30, a mini-brewer that is great as a travel coffee maker. Another model that also uses Keurig technology is the Breville coffee maker.

People are often wondering what are the differences between the main Keurig models. So let us have a look what B40, B60 and B70 have in common and what the differences are. These three models all have the following features:

Other features vary for different models. Here is a table that compares the different Keurig coffee makers.

 Keurig B40Keurig B60Keurig B70
Brew sizes7.25 & 9.25 oz5.25, 7.25 & 9.25 oz5.25, 7.25, 9.25 & 11.25 oz
Water reservoir48 oz48 oz60 oz
Drip trayPlasticStainless steelStainless steel
ClockNo YesYes
Programmable on/off timerNoYesYes
Adjustable temperature controlNoYesYes
Quiet BrewTM TechnologyNoNoYes
Blue Backlit LCDNoYesYes
Blue Backlit Water ReservoirNoYesYes

OK. That's it for now. You can read more about the individual Keurig coffee makers in more details elsewhere on this site.

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