Keurig Special Edition

by Erin

Checking out the Features of the Keurig B60 Coffee Maker

I love my coffee and I am very choosy about the coffeemaker I use in my home. The Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System is a newer model coffeemaker that I have only owned for 6 months. Truthfully I felt that nothing would deliver the quality and convenience of my old coffeemaker but I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed by the performance of my Keurig B60.


This small kitchen appliance has the style and visual appeal that makes me proud to keep it on the countertop. Even my friends and dinner guests have commented about the sleek lines, vivid blue LED screen and the overall modern look of the Keurig B60.

With my new coffeemaker I have a choice of 3 brewing sizes (small 5.25 ounces; medium 7.25 ounces and large 9.25 ounces). I never realized how convenient these size choices would be until I brought this new Keurig product home. In the past I only brewed a pot of coffee each time and I must say I am greatly impressed with the ease of use and versatility of the Keurig B60 Single Cup Home Brewing System.

The LCD lights are colorful and easy to see during the day or night. The message center at the top of the machine even includes program information, a timer and a clock.

I do not have to use those paper filters any longer because this machine keeps those grounds contained and out of the way. I really like that I can produce lots of different coffee flavors easily and quickly. Since there are never any coffee grounds escaping it means I always get to enjoy rich, smooth coffee each and every time I use my Keurig B60.

The fact that this coffeemaker is able to produce hot water in less than 30 seconds is an added bonus. I have used this feature to get steaming hot water to use when we needed a cup of hot chocolate, cocoa or freshly brewed tea.

The B60 is perfect for single use or when you want to entertain a crowd of guests. The one touch screen delivers control and accuracy each time it is used. Clean up is easy and you even get to select from two different temperature settings. The drip tray can be quickly removed for cleaning and the large 48 ounce water reservoir is also removable.

The customer support is another bonus that I love. It is great to know that customer service is available 24/7 and all it takes is a toll free phone call to connect with one of their representatives.


The drawbacks are few and far between in my opinion. Of course the cost for the K is about $160-$180 depending on where you buy it but if you consider the features and quality it almost does not seem to be a major stumbling block.

Single cup brewing systems such as the one used in the design of this Keurig B60 coffeemaker are not going to please everyone.

I did have trouble initially finding the patented little K-cups that are designed to work with this machine. I have been able to find them available at Amazon and Bed as well as on the shelves of the Bath and Beyond store. Sometimes the price for these K cup coffee packs can be a little ‘pricy' which means I have to check for the best deal before buying.


I would highly recommend the Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System for anyone who demands the best taste and flavor in their daily coffee. I purchased this coffeemaker because I am the only coffee drinker in my immediate family which means the single cup brewing system is ideal for my needs. However I have also found that it is versatile enough to deliver perfect performance when multiple cups of coffee for dinner guests are needed.

Keurig B60 coffee makerEditor's note

Keurig coffee makers are very popular thanks to their convenience and wide range of coffee flavors that are available in K-cups. Keurig Special Edition strikes a good balance between features and price. It sits somewhere in the middle between the basic model, Keurig Elite, and the top-end model, Keurig Platinum.

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