Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker

by Angela

If you drink coffee as my family does, you are surely replacing your coffee makers on a regular basis, that is unless you can afford the Bunn system. We generally replace our coffee maker about once a year or every 18 months. The latest unit we purchased was the Mr. Coffee 12-cup coffee maker.

As coffee makers today go this unit is a very simple bare bones device with a water reservoir, on and off button and coffee carafe. No clock, programming options or any other bells and whistles, the main draw for this device is the price, for less than $20 you can have a steaming pot of coffee in minutes.

This has to be one of the worst cheap coffee pots I have ever purchased. You can pretty much expect to have a funky aftertaste with a new pot for the first few brewing cycles; however, we have owned this unit for several months now and coffee still has that wangy bite.

When you make a pot of coffee in this unit, you can rest assured it will be steaming hot, and remain so for quite some time. The problem is this tends to burn the coffee pretty quickly. We are a family who pretty much has coffee on at all times; we drink it in the summer, spring, winter and fall with the same dedication! For the most part a pot of coffee does not last long around my house; still before the last cup is drunk, the coffee will be burnt.

Perhaps we have become spoiled by the units with automatic shut off, but I really feel like this is a poor quality maker that most coffee fiends like myself will be disappointed in, the one good thing about the maker is the price. However, you had better believe that very soon, we will be investing in a better unit and this one will be in the garbage!

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