Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine (ECM160)

by Carrie

Recently, my old Mr. Coffee Espresso machine took a turn for the trash can. It would not push water through the grounds to machine the espresso I love so much. Though I had only owned the machine a short time, I was without espresso on most mornings so I ventured out to replace the older model. The second Mr. Coffee machine, the 4-Cup Steam Machine (ECM160), is the best espresso machine I have ever owned.

Loving Espresso is Easy
This machine will take anything you can throw at it. I fresh grind coffee for espresso in the morning and no matter how fine the grind, there is never a problem with espresso pushing through. I have even tamped down the grind extremely hard and the water pressure just busts through the coffee.

Hating the Cup Holder
With espresso machines, the small tab of plastic attached to the handle is supposed to hold the grind cup in place while you dispose of the grinds. Mine NEVER works. The plastic tabs holding it in place always slide and into the trash can goes the grinder cup. If there is anything more disappointing that sticking your hand in the trash can trying to fish around for the grinder cup, you let me know.

Final Thoughts
The Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine is top of the line for the price. It takes just a few minutes to heat up and produce some of the best espresso I have ever tasted. Steaming milk is a cinch, but you will have to purchase your own metal carafe as one is not included.

I have owned my new machine for six months and I recently purchased a second one to have on hand in case something goes wrong with this one years down the road. Fast, fantastic espresso is what this machine will produce and that is exactly what I need in the morning.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso MachineEditor's note

This is how Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-cup steam espresso machine looks like.

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