Mr Coffee Espresso Maker ECM260

by Claire

The Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker ECM260 is a relatively inexpensive coffee maker that comes in a stainless steel and black color. I purchased this coffee maker because I was looking for something to replace my previous coffee pot, which was old, obsolete and no longer working. Out of all the coffee makers I was considering, I ultimately chose to purchase the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker because I love espressos. I could no longer justify spending three to four dollars twice a day just to have a coffee shop make my espressos so I figured it would be a great idea and more cost effective for me to purchase an espresso maker, learn how to do it myself and save my money.

What I like about the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker is that I can make an espresso in a matter of minutes. It does not require me to go through a whole bunch of steps to make my morning drink. I get more froth from this coffee maker than I was getting when I was purchasing my coffee. I really like that it has a frother wand that I can also use to steam milk if I wanted to make a cappuccino or even hot chocolate.

There are a few minor things that I feel could use a little improvements. For instance, if you are in a rush, you have to remember to turn it off. Unlike most coffee makers, this one does not have an auto-shutoff feature. This can be a pain when you come back from work and smell burnt coffee in the air.Also the heating element on the frother could get a little hotter so that it could heat things up a bit faster. Although it takes me approximately seven to eight minutes to make my espresso, if I could cut that time down to five or even four minutes, it would be great.

Overall, I think that the Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker is a great coffee maker for the price. It was only about 40 dollars when I purchased it and I have owned it for a little over 18 months. I have saved a ton of money by kicking my addiction to coffee shops and I have learned how to make my own coffee. I can add any flavor I want and all I have to pay for is ground coffee beans and milk.

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