Mr. Coffee Grinder

by Paul J

My now defunct coffee grinder just bit the dust and went to not an early grave, but one before its time. It seems that while it grinds coffee beans with ease, it's not equipped to grind extra hard vitamin C tablets. The bobbling chunks of healthy vitamins knocked off some of the plastic on the interior of rim, making the contents unusable and ruining the coffee grinder. This grinder served us on and off for close to eight years before it ran into the conquering vitamin C tablets that led to its demise.

This was one of the original Mr. Coffee grinders and was their least expensive one on the market. The product lasted many years and served its purpose as a bean grinder in that time. It was easy to use and required little training...such as reading the manual, something great for me as a non-tech individual. You simply pulled off the plastic lid, filled the metal lined area containing the blade with coffee, plugged it in and pushed on the appropriate spot. If you wanted a finer grind, you held down the button longer than if you would for a coarse grind. The price was phenomenally low and that was one excellent point in its favor.

We didn't use the grinder very much after the first bag of beans. It was difficult to clean and simply wiping it with a dry rag didn't leave me with the confidence that it had all the residue removed from the bean area. I was never sure whether I had the right amount of coffee for my brew either. There was no simple way to premeasure the beans and so it required that I grind and then measure the results. While others may have developed a technique for this, it was never in my repertoire of tricks of the coffee making trade.

The grinder was priced right for our needs and if I could find one similarly priced today, I would probably purchase it again. We seldom ground our own beans and found that this grinder was also great for grinding flaxseed to top our cereal. For those that seldom use a coffee grinder, this one was suitable and perfectly priced.

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