Mr. Coffee Switch DW12 Review

by Crystal

I have had my Mr. Coffee Switch DW 12 for more than two years now. I think I fell in love with it at first sight. Everything from the sleek design to the extremely affordable price was perfect! I have to admit that I dreaded the thought of parting with my nine year old coffee maker. But, that first sip of coffee the next morning was the most heavenly sip of anything I had ever had!

A coffee maker is one kitchen appliance most of us just can’t do without. Over the years, man has developed a very special and strong bond with this machine. It might seem strange, and there’s no rational explanation that comes to mind when one wonders about the reasons behind this. All I know is that I can’t go too long without my coffee maker. In fact, even when I spend the night away from home, the first thought that goes through my head when I wake up is the dread of having coffee from a machine other than mine.

Though the Mr. Coffee Switch DW 12 is a rather plain model with no fancy features, one has to give the intuitive design its due. The machine has a large capacity which is perfect for my large family of roommates and the colossal amounts of coffee we consume in a single day. The best part about it is the warming plate that keeps the coffee tepid for a long time after it is brewed. That way, the coffee is always ready to be poured and sipped!

The glass carafe of the coffee maker is clear and see-through, making it easy to determine exactly how much water you are putting in. You even know how much coffee is left at all times, which saves you from those awkward situations when you’ve called people over but your roommate has polished off the jug you brewed for them.

If you live alone or have a small family, the Mr. Coffee Switch DW12 comes in a smaller model with a four cup capacity.

As much as I love my coffee maker, there are a few complaints. The carafe tends to leak a little too often whilst pouring. Also, since all of us work different hours, the coffee that’s made in the night isn’t too great the next morning. The solution, I believe, is a programmable model. But, we love our coffee maker too much to get rid of it!

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