My Favorite Cup of Coffee

by Melanie

I have always been a coffee lover. As a young child, my grandmother would let me sip from her coffee cup, keeping it a secret from my parents. As I grew older, coffee became a staple to keep me awake for my study sessions. It was also a primary element in socialization, meeting together at the local coffee house.

As I grew older, and allowed myself to spend more on this luxury, I realized there are more coffees than a cup of Folgers. There were many things that made the cup of coffee an experience, instead of simply a necessity.

A close friend introduced me to the practice of grinding your own beans, which I found gives coffee a fresh flavor with every pot. This just gets lost with ground coffee. Coffee drinkers have different palettes, so find the bean that matches your taste buds. I prefer a strong, rich roast, such as Kona coffee, and Millstone French Vanilla is nice for a change in flavors.

After grinding the beans, how you make your coffee matters. I invested in a Cuisinart coffee maker, with the special filter basket and water filters. I combine this with filtered water, freshly ground beans, and the right measurement of coffee. I use about four level tablespoons for four cups (24 oz) of coffee.

While I used to have to spend a fortune for coffee while out, I can now have the best cup of coffee right in my own home. There is nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee brewing to get you out of bed - and now that spring is here, I can relax outside while I sip on my favorite cup every day.

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