Keurig My K-Cup

My K-Cup is a unique reusable coffee filter for the Keurig personal coffee maker. Single use K-Cups are quite expensive to use. A lot of people also mind that they are made from non-recyclable plastic. That's where My K-Cup comes into the picture: it is reusable and it allows you to use any coffee you want to try. Using this reusable gadget is much cheaper than using the single use K-Cups.

So what do owners think about this product? Well, the customer reviews are rather mixed. Both environmentally conscious customers and frugal customers simply love the fact that My K-Cup is a reusable filter. Saving money in your pocket and minimizing the impact on the environment both at the same time sounds really great.

Keurig My K-Cup

However, there are also issues that customers do not like. It is a lot messier. One of the reasons for purchasing the Keurig machine is that it is convenient to use, no coffee leaks or grounds on the counter. Since you are filling a tiny basket for each cup of coffee, you get more grinds on the counter than if you were using a conventional brewer. It is a lot less convenient. In order to make a fresh cup, you must pop out the basket holder, open it, dump the grounds, wash all pieces, fill it up again, put the cover back on and reinsert. If you are going to make several cups over the course of the day, it gets old.

It is difficult to make 2 cups in a row, e.g. for two people. The basket is too hot to handle. If you want to do this, you should buy two to allow one to cool down. Mud in the bottom of the cup is another problem along with grounds getting stuck in the filter and being hard to clean out. Also, leaking seems to be an issue as well.

Then there is a question of durability: The top flanges frequently break off after a few months of use making My K-cup unusable. There does not seem to be a good fix or workaround for this problem. It is best to just consider the item as semi-disposable - it is still more economical and more environmentally friendly than single use K-Cups.

There are some simple workarounds to help with the other issues customers have reported. As far as leaking goes some users recommend putting a piece of aluminum foil over My K-Cup before putting the cap. This should help to stop the water from leaking up and over the filter and to keep the coffee grounds out of the cup.

Another way to keep grounds or mud out of the cup is to cut a paper coffee filter down and place it in the My K-Cup filter basket prior to putting in the coffee. The paper filter not only keeps grounds out of the cup but also makes clean up easier and grounds do not get caught in the filter basket.

As far as spilling the grounds on the counter, simply fill the basket over the sink and wash any loose grounds down the drain when the filter is rinsed after use. These simple fixes should make My K-Cup easier to use.

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