Paper Coffee Filter

The paper coffee filter is the most commonly used type of coffee filter around. No wonder - paper filters are very convenient to use since you just dispose of the filter along with the coffee grounds. But is has got some drawbacks.

The worst thing about the paper filter is that it does not allow all the coffee flavor to go through. The paper absorbs some of the coffee oils so your coffee will be weaker than if you use filters made from other materials. To minimize this issue you should pour a bit of hot water through the filter before you put in the ground coffee.

When it comes to getting the full flavor out of the coffee, the best paper filter is the Chemex paper coffee filter that is used in the Chemex coffee maker.

A good thing about the paper coffee filter is that it is very good in keeping the grounds out of your coffee. This is particularly important if you use a cheap blade grinder that produces uneven grind. It is the best filter if you like a clear coffee without any sediment.

There are different types of paper filters. You can get either white paper of unbleached (brown) paper filters. For white paper filters it's best to get filters that are oxygen cleansed. When other technologies are used to whiten the paper then the filter may give your coffee a bad "chemical" taste.

Some people swear that the unbleached paper filter is the best but others find that it also impart some undesirable flavor. So it's best to try both white and brown paper and decide for yourself.

Paper filters come either in the flat bottom shape of in the cone shape. The cone shaped filters come in several sizes with #1 being the smallest and #6 the largest.

Since you have to keep buying the paper filters all the time it may be good to consider one of the permanent coffee filters.

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