Saeco Villa and Saeco Odea

In this article I will talk about Saeco Spidem Villa and Saeco Odea - the entry level Saeco super automatic espresso machines. What is a super automatic espresso machine?
These machines are the height of convenience - they grind the coffee, dose it, tamp it, brew it and discard the spent grounds into an internal dump box. Some higher end models even froth the milk for you.

Saeco Spidem Villa

Saeco Spidem Villa Espresso Machine This is the cheapest Saeco super automatic espresso machine. It may not look as cool as the more expensive models but it does make good espresso, it is easy to use and most users are very happy with it. It has bit of a plasticky feel to it, but the plastic feels quite sturdy. It comes either in black or in silver.

There are two heating elements which means that you can froth milk immediately after making your espresso. Overall, Saeco Villa is a very good choice for people who don't want to spent too much money an a super automatic espresso machine. Sounds interesting? Look at the video in this customer review, it shows Saeco Spidem Villa in action.

Saeco Odea

Saeco Odea Giro Espresso Machine There are two different models in this line: Odea Go and Odea Giro. Saeco Odea looks much more stylish than Saeco Villa. Even though the housing is plastic it does not have that cheap plasticky feel to it. It comes either in black or in orange.

Some of the features of Saeco Odea
  • You can adjust the ceramic grinder to 3 different settings (the finer you grind the coffee bean the stronger espresso you will get).
  • You can easily move the drip tray up and down so you can brew either to short or tall cups.
  • It swivels back and forth so it is easy to refil water.
  • It has in built water filter. You can use it but you don't have to if your water is of good quality.
What people like most about Saeco Odea
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It makes very good espresso.
  • It heats up fast.
  • Steaming on the Saeco Odea Giro model is really fast.
Most common complaints about Saeco Odea
  • The water tank is rather small (50oz) so you need to refill it often.
  • The drip tray is also small so you have to empty it frequently.

What is the difference between Saeco Odea Go and Saeco Odea Giro?

Saeco Odea Go is best suited to people who like to drink straight espresso. There is only one heating element so you will need to wait every time you switch from brewing to steaming. Remember that steaming requires higher temperature than brewing. With only one heating element you need to wait for the boiler to heat up or cool down to the required temperature. This can get really annoying when you are making a lot of lattes or cappuccinos.

The main advantage of Saeco Odea Giro is the speed with which you can steam and froth milk. There are two heating elements so there is no wait between making espresso and steaming. In addition, Odea Giro uses RapidSteam technology that makes steaming and frothing really quick.

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