Senseo Coffee Pods

What Are Your Options?

There are many different coffee pods that you can use with your Senseo coffee maker - Douwe Egberts, Aloha Island, JavaPodz etc. You can even use your own coffee if you prefer.

Douwe Egberts coffee pods

The standard Senseo coffee pods come from Douwe Egberts. There are many different flavors available:

Third party coffee pods for Senseo

If Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods are not to your taste, there are many third party coffee pods that can be used with your Senseo coffee machine.

I recommend that you try some of the pods made by Aloha Island Coffee. They have some 100% pure Kona coffee pods and when you use them in your Senseo you get a really delicious cup of coffee.

You may also try the coffee pods from Gourmet Cafe. They have many different roasts (French Roast, Sumatra Mandheling, Kona Blend, Estate Costa Rican and Colombian Supremo are just a few to try). They are pretty good value for money. You can get them from Amazon for around $6 for 14 pods and each pod makes full 8oz mug of coffee (the Douwe Egberts Senseo pods only make 4oz each).

If you are into flavored coffee then JavaPodz has a very good selection (they have a lot of unflavored coffees too). How does "Almond Amaretto", "Chocolate Cappuccino " or "Mocha Cinnamon Swirl" sound like?

Some other brands to consider are Cafejo, JavaOne, Timothy's, Black Mountain Gold, Baronet, Eldorado, Fratello, Molto, Reunion Island.

Tea pods

There are also many tea pods available. Pickwick (belonging to the same company as Douwe Egberts) has a large selection of tea pods, but unfortunately most of them are available only in Europe. Solera has quite a few different tea pods for both traditional teas and herb teas. JavaPodz also makes several pods for tea.

Now here is a tip: you can actually use ordinary round tea bags to make tea with Senseo. It saves you quite a bit of money and the difference in taste is not that much.

Using your own coffee

If you want to use your own coffee, you have several options. There are refillable filters that allow you to use ground coffee: Another option is to make your own coffee pods using whatever coffee you like. For this you use the Perfect Pod Maker. It is surprisingly quick and easy to use. A slight downside is that you will need to buy filters for making the pods.

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