Stovetop Espresso Maker (Moka Pot)

The stovetop espresso maker is very popular in Italy - you are likely to find at least one of these in every household over there. These espresso makers are also commonly called Moka pots. The first model - Moka Express - was introduced in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti.

The Moka pots don't produce real espresso in the modern sense of the word. But they do make nice, rich, espresso style coffee. Most of the Moka pots do not produce any crema which for a lot of people is the hallmark of espresso. The exception to this is the Brikka.

Bialetti Frother And Moka Pot

This site has a number of pages about stovetop espresso makers. If you are not familiar with this method of making coffee then you may want to first have a look at how Moka pots work. Then it is good to read about the different types of stovetop espresso makers.

Most people are familiar only with traditional Moka pots made from aluminum. However, there are actually many other models aroud. Lately, the stainless steel stovetop espresso makers are becoming very popular. There are also models with glass or ceramic top and others that make coffee directly into your cup.

While most stovetop espresso makers work in exactly the same way, there are some exceptions to this - for example, the Brikka and Mukka (which is a stovetop cappuccino maker). I talk about both of these in my article about Bialetti espresso makers.

Another fact that is unknown to most people is that there is also an electric version of the stovetop espresso pot. You can read about the available models in the page about electric moka pots.

You can find a lot of other information about stovetop espresso makers here - instructions for use, a discussion about merits of aluminum versus stainless steel or everything you need to know about making Cuban coffee.

I hope that you will find these articles helpful.

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