Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Basic Features of Bean to Cup Machines

A super automatic espresso machine is as convenient as it gets. Put in the water and freshly roasted beans, press a button and voila - your espresso is done. The super automatic espresso machine does everything for you: grind the coffee, dose it, tamp it, brew it and discard the spent grounds.

The super automatic machines are not for everyone. You get ultimate convenience but you lose the control that you get with semi-automatic machines. If you want to be involved in the brewing process and don't mind a steeper learning curve then get a semi-automatic machine.

A super automatic machine will make good espresso. But it will not make outstanding espresso shots. A semi-automatic machine in the hands of a skilled barista can produce better espresso. With the super automatic machine you get consistently good espresso that is probably the same or even better than what you get in most coffee houses.

The super automatic machines are becoming very popular and they are constantly evolving. There are many different features that these machines can have.

Basic features

Integral brew group
There is no portafilter on super automatic espresso machines. The machine measures the correct amount of the coffee, tamps it and brews the espresso. You do not need to touch the brew group at all. Compare that with the automatic machines where you have to take the portafilter out, put in the coffee, tamp it and put the portafilter back every time you make a shot.

Built in grinder
A good conical burr grinder is built into the machine.

Internal waste box
The machine discards the spent grounds into an internal waste box.

Alert system
All super automatics will alert you when you are running out of beans or water or when the internal waste box is full.

Hot water dispenser
The hot water dispenser is a standard feature on espresso machines. Great for making tea or instant soup etc. With some of the super automatics you can choose to dispense water at several different temperatures. You can pre-program these temperatures to your liking.

Steam wand
Steam wand for frothing the milk for cappuccinos and lattes is a standard.

Sounds interesting? OK, then read about the advanced features of super automatic espresso machines next.

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