The Best Cup Of Coffee That I Have Ever Had

by Shannon

With a yawn I stretched as much as I could inside the sleeping bag. I cracked open one eye and took a look around. Still dark, but dawn was not far away. The early morning sunrise was just beginning to cast those gorgeous colors along the horizon and I could hear the sounds of some of the birds as they began to greet the coming day.

My husband and kids were still sound asleep as far as I could tell and I was in no real hurry to rush the morning by waking them. This was going to be my special time, and I was not eager to share it with anyone else.

Ever since I was a little girl I knew there was something very wonderful about a morning sunrise. The world was renewing itself and everything always seemed to be so fresh, so exciting. So brand new! Although it was my favorite time of day I usually did not get to enjoy a quiet morning at home because there was so much to do but here in the great outdoors I was determined to relish the experience.

In just a few minutes I had dressed and wandered over to the lake shore. I sat on an old log and leaned back against the trunk of an enormous oak tree. Opening my thermos I poured a hot cup of coffee and smiled as I inhaled its fresh, invigorating aroma. The coffee was rich, dark and had a delicate spiciness that begged to be savored slowly. I love my morning cup of coffee but I have to admit that this one was very special.

Everyone has a coffee that they prefer and I am no different. My thermos was filled with Panama Elida Estate Natural. This medium light roast coffee hails from the country of Panama where it is grown and blended into a unique beverage taste experience. There is no need to use any cream or sugar because this coffee is complex, sweetly flavorful and boldly aromatic all by itself. The cinnamon, fruit and chocolate notes are pleasantly surprising to those who are trying this coffee for the first time. No bitter coffee for me, only a richly intense coffee moment.

As the sun rose majestically over the eastern horizon I sipped the coffee and watched the amazing colors shift and change in the sky. My only companions were the birds, frogs and other creatures that lived in the forest near the lake.

This was the best cup of coffee that I have ever had.

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Aug 05, 2010
Wonderful post!
by: Suzzanne

You really have a wonderful way with words. Your post reads like a very good fiction. I can feel the atmosphere of that morning from your words.

It's funny, isn't it how the best coffee often isn't the best just because of the taste, but because of the particular situation in which we had the coffee.

Back to the actual coffee ... I have never tried Panama Elida Estate myself, but now having read your post I feel I will have to give it a go.

Feb 21, 2011
Ditto to 1st Comment....
by: Donna

That is written to take ya there.... I'm picturing a commercial deal based on your comment. I'm going to look for this Panamanian "spice" blend as well.

Donna, SE, DC

Feb 24, 2011
Wonderful story
by: Heather

What a wonderful story. I really like the way you write. I feel that there are some things in life that one enjoys most when one is on its own. Sometimes a brief period of being alone can transform our view on ordinary things and we may notice things that we wouldn't had we been in a company of someone else.

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