Toastess coffee maker TFC 2T

by Michelle
(Portland , Maine )

There's nothing like coffee to make you feel at home when you're on the road. The first time I ever took my own little coffee maker along was when I traveled out of town for my niece's wedding.

I chose the Toastess 1 cup coffee maker (Toastess TFC 2T, 450 watts). It comes with a travel mug, which holds almost two cups of coffee, although I prefer to take my own mug along as well to use when I'm kicked back in my hotel room.

There are other models from better-known manufacturers, but this one works great and it makes the best coffee in the shortest time. It only takes about three minutes for a cup to brew. I think that's faster than some of the other brands. It weighs just two or so pounds, and it's small enough to fit into the suitcase, where I pad it with my leisure clothes.

Even if the hotel room already has a small coffee maker, I get both of them going at once. I prefer to buy the Senseo one-cup coffee pods and carry them with me instead of the generic pods that are supplied at hotels. I buy the medium roast pods, and I get a much better cup of coffee. Having a nice brand of coffee at the ready puts me at ease when I have to go on the road.

If you have to travel a lot, you really need a way to carry along some of the comforts of home. I read a book that was made into a movie years ago -The Accidental Tourist, by Ann Tyler. The main character wrote books about the ways people could find the things that they miss from home whenever they're forced to travel. For me, it was this little travel coffee maker.

Toastess coffee makerEditor's note

This is how the Toastess coffee maker TFC 2T looks like:

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Aug 12, 2016
Toastess travel mug coffee maker NEW
by: Tim

Where can I buy the Toastee Travel mug coffee maker? I can't find them in the store. Thanks

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