Toastmaster Coffee Grinder

by Amy
(Austin, Texas)

There is something wonderful about breaking out a bag of fresh, whole coffee beans and grinding them just before brewing a fresh pot in the morning. As a coffee lover, I have managed to try out several grinders ranging in price from $10 to more than $40. The cheapest was the Toastmaster coffee grinder and it managed to work the best for my coffee needs.

Grinding for a Traditional Coffee Maker

There are no settings on the Toastmaster coffee grinder. All the user needs to do is place the beans in the grinding bowl and hold the grind button down until the desired grind is achieved. This does take a bit of knowledge regarding the best grind for a coffee maker, but taking a quick gander at some pre-ground coffee will give you a good idea.

Grinding for Espresso Coffee

The best part about this little grinding machine is the fact that grounds can be ground a second time to make espresso style milled coffee. Beans can also be ground to espresso fine powder in order to make the most of your coffee brewing morning. Grinding to espresso fine takes a bit longer, but the beans are no match for this powerful, little machine.

Cleaning is Easy but Tricky

Cleaning out the machine is simple as there are no removable parts aside from the lid. The lid can be washed in warm, soapy water. The Toastmaster coffee grinder cannot be submersed in water, so a paper towel can be used to remove most of the leftover coffee. If a good wash is needed, simply hold the unit upside down over the water and use a sponge to remove the rest of the grounds. This can be the tricky part and it is the only thing about the grinder that could be improved.

The grind with the Toastmaster coffee grinder is consistent and there is no static that I have noticed. I have owned my machine for two years now. I love my Toastmaster coffee grinder. Compared to another, more expensive, model sitting on my counter right now, it is by far a better option.

*Editor's note

Despite the fact that the Toastmaster coffee grinder is one of the cheapest grinders around, it has good customer reviews. The cord of this grinder can be stored inside the base, which is quite neat.

Just like with any other blade coffee grinder it's best to grind coffee in several short bursts and shake the grinder in between.

This type of grinder is a good choice if you use it mainly for drip coffee. It may even do well for steam based espresso makers or for some espresso machines that use a pressurized portafilter.

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Jan 16, 2016
Kitchen helper toastmaster.... NEW
by: Jaya

I have toastmaster grinder. My family members every one using this grinder. Not only coffee grind.we used to grind pepper, cinnamon,and rasappodi. Easy to use and clean. Now my friends and sister in law also they want this . I checked most of the store I can't find. Please bring faster all in one kitchen helper toastmaster grinder.

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